Every great society, from the satrapies of Ur and Babylon to the ‘grande empire’ of Napoleon, was made or broken by the strength of its high street shops. Regulations, divined behind closed doors and handed down by cruel diktat, only allow so-called ‘essential shops’ to remain open. But who voted for these occult mechanisms, these... Continue Reading →

Student Spotting

As May bleeds into June, and the UK enters its third month of lockdown, St Andrews remains a desolate wasteland. Seagulls cannibalise each other, searching for something - anything, really - to fill in that gaping absence of the Greggs sausage roll. No hipsters are skateboarding to the library; only the lingering scent of their... Continue Reading →

Our March Picks

In the first pick-series for The Bejant Observer, the editorial board has put together a list of inspiring content across platforms and borders. What To Watch Our clear favorite for this month is the Youtube channel "All Gas No Breaks". He is a true voice of the people and has figured out a Pulitizer-worthy formula.... Continue Reading →

St Andrews Conservative Society promises they’re more than just one really loud guy

During his 1969 presidential campaign, the ever stoic Richard Nixon pleaded for the support of  ‘the great silent majority’—a class of people whose cowardly disinterest in politics and disregard for social justice he believed would secure him the election. Since then, this mysterious group has continued to receive attention across global politics and in 2014,... Continue Reading →

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