Gagging for help

Fresher’s Flu is a well known affliction upon arrival at uni. It is an intrinsic part of the university experience as well as a unifying bond amongst the student body. However, in entering my third year I appear to be dealing with something else entirely, and NO, not what you’re thinking. That’s a cheap shot... Continue Reading →

Personifying STDs

“What terrible plague hath befallen this place?”             “Ah, sire…The plague called love. I know it well! But, tarry not! A greater foe readies himself as we speak.”   “Pray, do not mock me! Share this knowledge with me, mayhap I bring glory to God and save all of our souls. I make this pledge... Continue Reading →

Hall Warden Exerts Power Over Powerless

FROM THE EDITORS: As part of the Observer's longstanding tradition of hard-hitting investigative journalism, one of our reporters was able to obtain screenshots of a private email chain between first year David Samuels, the recently elected Head of Events for James Brown Hall (JBH), and Deputy Warden Ben Lewis-Sanfor. These emails reveal a deep pattern... Continue Reading →

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