Our April Picks

What we are watching

April is shit. Life is kinda dull and content is slow. That is why we are spending the month watching the Louis Theroux documentary catalogue where we can delight in his tender moments with Scientologists, Jimmy Saville, Joe Exotic (before it was cool), and opioid addicts in the US.

What we are listening to

We have been listening to The Pet Shop Boys, Leonard Cohen, and Rodriguez.

What we are reading

During these times of great strain, we are turning to The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Not only does it evoke the memory of a better time, it single-handedly manages to merge both humour and morality.

What we are wearing

This month we are wearing facemasks for both style and service. An elegant fashion item that conceal anything from a hickey to your monthly outbreak of oral herpes. On our feet we are wearing grandma’s knitted socks in our vegan leather Birkenstocks to celebrate spring. This gives you the look of a 1970s German middle school teacher, but with the edge to give you the confidence to make it to May.

What we are eating

This month we are eating 70’s style home cooking. We are eating hams, potatoes and steamed cauliflower. We are also urging everyone to commit a sourdough starter genocide.

BONUS: How to kill time

Post image

Isolation is lonely. That is why we have been spending the month getting into auto-erotic asphyxiation. Nothing is like the thrill of death during times of great crisis. When we emerge from our childhood bedrooms, do not question the new holes in our belts.

Written by The Editors

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