Goodnight Moon(er): An Early Morning Bedtime Tale

In a great brown room

There was a hapsburg chin

And a poison flume

And a vision of-

A lass unveiled beneath the moon

And there were three little heirs sitting on chairs

And two fair maidens

Their rears unladen 

And leafless gamin

Sent to ease their famine

And a pint and a cask, and purveyor of the lash

And a chariot making its way to crash

Goodnight room

Goodnight chin

Goodnight flume of vodka and gin 

Goodnight lass

Don’t be rash 

The moon lives now but passes fast

Goodnight heirs 

Goodnight chairs

Goodnight maidens

Rears belong unladen

Goodnight gamin

And goodnight famine 

Good night pint 

And goodnight cask

Goodnight sinner

Goodnight flask

And goodnight to you, dear purveyor of the lash

Goodnight jester

Goodnight sound

Goodnight freckled one on the ground


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