Our March Picks

In the first pick-series for The Bejant Observer, the editorial board has put together a list of inspiring content across platforms and borders.

What To Watch

Our clear favorite for this month is the Youtube channel “All Gas No Breaks”. He is a true voice of the people and has figured out a Pulitizer-worthy formula. He travels the USA in his mobile home and interviews illuminating charachters from the Furry, Flat Earth, Racing, and Adult Entertainment communities.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtqxG9IrHFU_ID1khGvx9sA

Our up-and-coming pick of the month is the Youtube Channel “Joe on A Boat”. He has interesting conversations on his houseboat in Marina Del Ray and pairs an unsettling ambiance with a great deal of charisma.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbY5HhjlHrK25efi1DoFCFQ/featured

What to Listen To

This month we are going white. Simon & Garfunkel and their prodigal sons, Wilco. Also, we are listening to King Krule’s new EP “Man Alive!”. Airpods Pro is strongly encouraged.

Our favorite podcast for the month of March is “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” and we suggest starting with his episode with actor and comedian Jeff Goldblum.

What To Wear

Our fashion pick for the first month of spring is a flatcap. A bold, yet refined statement of masculinty evoking the memory of a better time. Wear it in any setting and wear it proud.

Where To Eat

Our food pick of the month is a contested and illustrative of conflicts way beyond the four streets of St Andrews. This month we are eating Lamb wraps at Shawarma House on South Street. The succulent garnishes and friendly atmosphere makes it a must-eat in St Andrews. A second nod goes to Derwish Café on Bell Street, but their prowess remains limited to daytime dining. Shawarma house has in true St Andrews fashion broken an age-old duopoly between Derwish Café and Courtyard Café and we salute them. Eat up Johnny!

Written by Pete H.S

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