Market Street Dominos™: A Deep-Dish Dive into the Culinary Underbelly

Cheesy, rich, buttery, gooey, – that can only describe one thing, and that thing is pizza. More importantly, it is the pizza from our very own Michelin-bedazzled Domino’s pizzeria. 

Spearheaded by the world-renowned chef Giuseppe Rossi Russo Ferrari Esposito Bianchi Romano Colombo Ricci Marino de Pisano, whose controversial take on fusion food pushes the boundaries of the public’s flat and unaccustomed tastes, this vibrant menu is a whirlwind of exploratory ingredients. Choices range from the hearty Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger pizza to the dangerous Tandoori Hot combination. However, the ultimate appeal of a decadent Italian-American inspired meal comes from how they manage the basics. 

I was impressed with the sturdy and unassuming Cheese Pizza, with its luscious astringent marinara and the blanket layer of cheese which sticks precariously in-between the teeth, allowing you to reminisce on the flavour well past the final bite. And since this tasting I’ve even taken to storing some in my lip–just carrying it there in case I ever need it.

Next was the Spicy BBQ Wings which invaded my mouth with a piquant taste. The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender, toothsome, and greatly textured by the bits of cartilage that often became trapped into the larynx. And, like always, I saved those leftover bones for later, knowing that I could either crack them open to suck out their sweet marrow or that I could perhaps use them to sweeten the pot of a witch’s stew. 

A “Bone-in” Pizza

Cheese, the common theme among this tasting, made a return with the Garlic Pizza Bread. A divine and luxurious bread-bowl of piping hot molten cheese garlic, I was able to obtain a gracious 0.5 centimeter cheese pull before enjoying the odorous delight. Delightful cuisine, and for under £10 a person you can get a steal on a meal so fine that it’s fit for the pope.

Final verdict:

7/10 — There were no dishes featuring tartare (or anything else raw for that matter), the difference between a 7 and 10.

James R. ’21

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